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Haley Spades & Coco Lovelock dominate each others anal dildos. Haley Spades has joined Coco Lovelock to enjoy an outdoor anal experience. They're slaying eachother before the cameras even start rolling. Haley strips off, Coco kisses Haley’s asshole. Coco is able squirt a dildo made of glass inside Haley’s ass. He then switches over to one that looks like popsicle. Haley is delighted with the large anal pieces and requests more. Coco is also waiting to get her asshole stuffed, so she and Coco exchange places. In no time at all the newbie has started Cumming the two and squirting water from the fountain. Next, they will have to use Slinks against each other. They use the Slink standard followed by a very long Slink. This allows them to see how much can be squeezed into their buttocks. Coco then puts Haley's entire fist inside her butthole. Both girls were ecstatic. Haley then proceeds to slam a giant unicorn horn-shaped daildo right into her genitals. Coco gets to spray her thigh after Haley takes a bite off this toy. Released on May 29, 2019

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