Food Stuffing – SashaLynne Anal Pumpkin dildo+2 other toys+candy corn – Premium user Request


SashaLynne Anal Pumpkin dildo play for Halloween. Video price $9.99. Warm up with pumpkin dildo, balled tower dildo and dildo which has cock-piercing. Also, put some candy corn in your ass. You can only use it in an ass. Feedback: I encourage those who follow me to provide feedback, either through my fan club or me. Sometimes they send me feedback with ideas of what they'd like to see. One suggestion was for me to be more bare. In the first segment, I am more naked/skinny/titty. After the first segment, I continue with the warm up/toy test. The pumpkin dildo was brand new to me and I wasn't certain how much I could take. To test how hard I could go, I filmed a round of fucking. This was to find out what it felt like to have Candy Corn in my genitals. Later I would make a Halloween-themed video, rather than my usual, less intense shove it in videos. Results: The stem of pumpkin dildo has the feel of an edged spear. I got that dildo right down to my biggest pumpkin. This was a really good exercise. Warm up the toys that I naturally ate. Aka they were found in the base. Candy corn can be very sticky due to the shape of its head. I'm not able to do a longer video because it is so prickly. Release October 6, 2020

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