Facesitting – Dee Williams in bound up Natalie Mars in different poses

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Bondage shemale gets strapon domination and facesitting | I’m here back one more time with Natalie Mars. I untied poor little Natalie Mars only to have her feast on my huge strap-on dildo! Look at her fucking head bob up & down as she gags and chokes like the poor soul she is! But I know, & you know, how much she really loves it. She really knows how to suck cock doesn’t she! She is such a dirty hungry slut, look at all the spit and saliva pouring from her mouth as she devours my cock! It’s time to wipe all that filthy spit & mouth slop all over her pretty little face. Oh so fucking dirty! Almost forgot to tell you, maybe you noticed, I have put a rubber butt plug in her ass, now it’s time to have some fun with that! First I’ll tie up her wrists & slap her ass cheeks, then play with her balls & ball gag her again! After all this, it’s time to remove this rubber butt plug, and lick her asshole. After applying some lube, its time to fuck her tiny ass with this huge dildo that I have strapped on. Release August 14, 2020

Natalie Mars 2020,shemale porn,shemale anal,strapon domination,facesitting porn,bondage porn,Dee Williams domination,shemale dom
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