Anal insertion – Mommy fists her asshole for you. Taboo roleplay for Christmas – Premium user Request


You can find a beautiful russian Mommy who will fist her asshole to you under the Christmas tree. Video price $11.99. This is a customized clip of an older man / younger woman. I begin my entrance into the room by moving slowly and seductively. I say "Hello baby" to my camera as I walk towards it. You love to see sexy women tearing up their arches with their fists. I'll take care of it. I want every last drop". After that I'm going do a ass tease showing my abs stretched cheeks to show you my flaws. Next, I'll lick my fetlock before fully fisting. I'll say "You wanna see mommy fist the ass for me?" It's here" I say, and slowly and gently at first I put my entire fist down the asshole. After 4 mins, I switch from standing and look at the camera to my dog's ass. After a few minutes, I slowly begin to make fists and then progress to aggressive fists. You can kiss your cock at mommy while I fuck mine. I will pull my fist and gape as the asshole winks and flinches, enticing you to release yourself to the sound. When we get to the second half of the clip (around 9 minutes), I return the fist into the hand, and kick my femur in a deep and satisfying position while I lie on my back. In the 14th minutes, I start the countdown and then at the last moment I grab my hand to ask you for the cum. As soon as I'm done, beginning on the fifteenth minute, I lick the tips of my fingers and reach out my hand. Beware, I was not told to shave my pubic area prior to filming. Release December 8, 2019

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