Anal insertion – Damazonia trains her naughty Tgirl student Saphira Blu – Premium user Request


Saphira, a Tgirl student of Damazonia's, trains the XXX slayer. Video price is $25.99. Damazonia, tired of whores in the school, is late to her class and fisticuffs with the teacher. Damazonia decides to expose who's Head Mistress on campus. Saphira Red Saphira red is reprimanded with a severe beating of her hands by using an iron rule, followed by her ass being kicked to the point that it becomes glowing red. Damazonia uses her pet to make the teacher Slayer kiss his a$$ and get Saphira's strapon from the wardrobe. Damazonia wants Saphira be a great scholar like Slayer. She also wants her to enjoy the big daddy's. Saphira does not like being stretched or having her ass strained, so she can only take medium size daddy-dos. Saphira will become a sexy whore for her when she's done with her Release March 18, 2024. Mistress Damazonia will be railing at the back of the mistress. Saphira becomes a sexy naughty whore when she is done with her Release, March 18, 2024

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